Cool Roof Systems

The sun’s radiant heat and UV rays cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration. The roof membrane’s exposure to the heat, accelerates aging and causes cracks, splits and ultimately roof membrane failure.

A cool roof system protects the roof membrane from the sun’s harmful radiant heat and UV rays. The white elastomeric coating reflects the sunlight, which in turn, lowers the temperature of the roof by as much as 70ºF and reduces thermal shock and heat transfer. The installation of a cool roof reduces cooling costs and extends the life of the roof.

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Sustainable Design

Engineered to meet sustainable design criteria, ASC roofing systems reduce energy cost and consumption. The systems implement an energy saving reflective coating that is CA Title 24 complainant, meets Energy Star and CRRC standards, and meets the requirements for LEED points.


Cost Effective

ASC roof systems can be applied directly to existing roofs, saving expensive removal and disposal costs. The roof maintenance system is a fully tax deductible operating expense. The systems also prolong the life of the roof. Additionally, the reflective coating substantially cools the building, reducing the demand for electricity and A/C costs.


Superior Durability

ASC roofing systems offer a tough lightweight solution for new and existing roofs. Our high performance systems are waterproof, UV resistant, and surpass the highest standards in the industry. ASC roofing systems offer superior life cycle performance and with proper maintenance can sustain an existing roof indefinitely.


Easy Installation

Roofing systems can be applied directly to existing roofs and the installation does not require any special equipment. ASC roofing systems can be installed without any disturbance to building occupants. Meets V.O.C emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.



Water based, non-toxic formulation with no harsh chemical odors. Repairing/Maintaining an existing roof rather than tearing-off and replacing the roof, eliminates landfill waste.