ASC 1 is a white, acrylic based elastomeric reflective coating for waterproofing and prolonging roof life.  This flexible and durable coating adheres to roofing substrates, such as asphalt and metal. Protective coating withstands elongation and significantly reduces roof temperature. ASC 1 is listed by CRRC and CA Title 24 complaint.   

ASC 7 is a high-performance elastic cement sealing and patching compound ideal for roof repairs on most surfaces. ASC 7 is especially developed to seal cracks, detail areas and surface imperfections. Superior adhesion and flexibility is weather resistant and withstands extreme elongation. Ideal for use on new and existing roofs and for roof maintenance. ASC 7 is designed to be highly reflective and UV stable with direct exposure to sunlight.

ASC 9 Emulsion is a premium grade, water based clay stabilized asphalt emulsion. Developed for waterproofing and damp proofing new and existing roof surfaces. ASC 9 is designed to best waterproof concrete and foundations when used with ASC F Polyester Fabric. Dry film is resistant to cracking, running, sagging and re-emulsifying under harsh weather conditions.


ASC 21 Ultimate Walkway System is a walkway coating formulated with aggregate to create a textured, non-slip surface to protect walking areas on smooth roofing surfaces.  Creates an esthetic, permanent, non-slip protection walk-path.



ASC F Polyester Fabric

Stitch bond 100% polyester Fabric with a starched finish. Excellent strength and elongation. Easily installs over smooth, cap sheet, and semi-smooth roof surfaces. 

Available in firm or soft finish.