Frequently Asked Questions


American Standard Coatings takes pride in offering the ultimate cool roof solution.

What kind of coatings does American Standard Coatings carry?

ASC carries elastomeric, silicone and instant set coatings. We also carry an extensive line of mastics and primers.

Where can I find a list of all American Standard Coatings Roofing products?

A full list of our products are available on the products page, here.

Where can I purchase ASC products?

ASC products are available at all major roofing distributors in the U.S. Our products are also available in Puerto Rico, Guam, New Zealand, Australia, UK and throughout Europe and the Middle East. Please contact ASC for a list of roofing distributors near you.

What certifications do ASC products have?

American Standard Coatings systems are fully compliant with federal, state and local building codes and energy conservation programs. Our roof coatings meet rigorous standards set by ASTM, FM, ICC-ES, UL, ENERGY STAR, CRRC, Miami-Dade County, and LEED. Get more information on our credentials and ratings, here.

What roofs can I restore with ASC systems?

Smooth and gravel surfaced BUR, granule cap sheet, EPDM, single ply and most metal roofs. ASC reps are available to inspect roofs to see if they are a candidate for a roof renewal system.

What are some signs that my roof needs a maintenance system or restoration system?

Definitely any leaks or water penetrations need to be addressed immediately. If you notice any cracking, split seams, scrim exposure, shattering, blistering and excessive granule loss (for BUR roofs) you should contact a roofing professional.

How long will a roof coating system last?

Our roof renewal system can last up to 25 years with proper roof maintenance. We also offer an option to extend your warranty every 5 years.

Does the coatings come in other colors?

Our coatings are available in white, light grey, standard grey, light tan and standard tan. The coatings can also be color matched.

American Standard Coatings  offers systems that allow building owners and property managers to maintain and extend the life of the roof from 10 to 25 years. 

Building Owners

Can I get a warranty on my building with American Standard Coatings Products roof renewal systems?

An American Standard Coatings rep will work with your roofing contractor to asses which renewal system would be the best fit for your roof.

Why is roof restoration better than a new roof?

ASC roof renewal systems are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly then tearing off a roof. Roof restorations avoid costly tear offs, new material costs and labor fees to replace your existing roof. With a roof renewal system, you also avoid the environmental impact of disposing of your roof. Roof coating systems restore your roof and can save you 50-70% less than replacing your entire roof. Installation is quick and non-disruptive, allowing your business to remain open during application.

Are there tax advantages with roof restoration?

Roof maintenance can be fully tax deductible as an operating expense. Restoration is classified as maintenance and in most cases can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred.


Why should I consider a cool roof?

All roofs drastically reduce the surface temperature, which means they extend roof membrane life, improve building comfort, and can substantially reduce cooling costs.

How will use of cool roof coatings affect my heating bill?

Cool roofing offers a significant benefit in reducing energy costs associated with energy demand.


Do Cool Roofs really cut energy consumption and costs?

Yes! A Cool Roof System using white roof coatings can save 20% or more in cooling costs. Learn more about the technology of cool roofs, here.

Do roof coatings meet building codes?

Yes, American Standard Coatings roof coating systems are fully compliant with federal, state and local building codes and energy conservation programs. Our roof coatings meet rigorous standards set by ASTM, FM, ICC-ES, UL, ENERGY STAR, CRRC, Miami-Dade County, and LEED. Get more information on our credentials and ratings, here.

Do you have roof coating contractors you recommend?

Yes! American Standard Coatings works with list of contractors who have been approved by our approved applicator program. These contractors are qualified based on a list of criteria covering the contractor’s overall business operations and its track history in quality workmanship and performing roof installations. Contact us for more information on our approved applicators.


American Standard Coatings builds partnerships with qualified national and international roofing contractors. 

Does American Standard Coatings provide an approved roofers program?

Yes. American Standard Coatings provides significant product, technical, and application training to ensure qualified roofing contractors are using the proper American Standard Coatings materials installed according to ASC’s specifications to uphold the product Warranty Terms. Please contact American Standard Coatings to find an approved roofing contractor in your area.


Does American Standard Coatings Products have a guide specifications available for roof restorations?

Yes. Roof renewal system specifications can be found on our specifications page, here.

Can only certain types of roofs be restored?

Our roof coating systems can be applied over a wide range of substrates including: asphalt, BUR, Mod Bit, Concrete, EPDM, Hypalon, Single-ply, TPO, PVC, Metal, and Spray Polyurethane foam.


Do restoration systems need maintenance?

Roofs in general need yearly maintenance inspections as a minimum to ensure free flowing drains, securely attached metal and damaged areas get quickly repaired. 

What sales aids are available to contractors?

Contact your local ASC sales representative and he can help you with product literature, specifications, samples, submittals, on the job product demos and project case histories.

How long does it take a roof coating to dry?

Generally speaking, roof coatings take 8-24 hours to thoroughly dry. The time span difference really depends on weather conditions. Dew and high humidity will cause the coating to take longer to dry. Hot temperatures with dry weather will allow the coating to dry at a much faster rate. If you are looking for a fast-setting coating, we offer ASCX instant-set coating which resists early wash off associated with light rain and heavy dew.